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Sports Physiotherapy Melbourne

For those of us who love taking part in sports, either professionally, semi-professionally or just casually with friends and fellow enthusiasts, picking up an injury is one of the very worst things that can happen to us. 

And it doesn’t even have to be a major injury for it to cause major problems: even smaller strains and niggles can seriously disrupt your game and have a negative impact on the quality of your performance – and, ultimately, if such issues go without being dealt with for any length of time, they can develop into more serious problems.

A Melbourne sports physiotherapy professional will be able to work with you in the event that you start to experience musculoskeletal pain and discomfort, ensuring that you make a recovery to full fitness as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

A physiotherapist will also be able to help you to develop an ongoing exercise plan which will minimise your risk of acquiring a new injury in the future. And, by providing their expert support and access to their professional equipment, they’ll be able to ensure that the whole process is as effortless and effective as possible.

But whilst all of the benefits of working with a physiotherapist are very exciting and appealing, many local sportsmen and sportswomen struggle to determine which physiotherapy provider is the best one for them to work with. Read More

Sports Physiotherapy Melbourne Can Trust

Here at CB Physiotherapy, we’re extremely proud of the reputation we’ve built for being one of the premium sports physio centre in Melbourne and the surrounding areas including South Melbourne & Essendon.

Founded in 2015, we’re an innovative and forward-thinking group of highly trained and experienced physiotherapists who are committed to keeping on top of the latest trends and developments in the industry so that we can be continuously refining and improving the services we offer our customers.

At our premises, we offer our clients the chance to undergo a thorough musculoskeletal assessment which will allow us to determine exactly what the problem is, before providing access to our state of the art equipment and facilities under the guidance of a professional sports physiotherapist.

Sports Physiotherapy Services at Competitive Prices

When it comes to sports physiotherapy Melbourne locals have a range of different options. But many services are somewhat generic and standardised, meaning they’re not always guaranteed to be as efficient or as effective as customers may have hoped.

Our approach resolves this issue, as we never simply provide a standardised set of exercises and procedures for our clients to follow. Instead, we work closely with each individual on a case by case basis, enabling us to gain a thorough understanding of their particular needs and preferences, before providing a bespoke, tailored physiotherapy solution.

And because our prices are so competitive, you can be confident that working with us is both the surest and most affordable way to guarantee that you’ll be back out on the pitch, court or track before you know it! Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly team today to find out more information.

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CB Physiotherapy

Our Team

Chris Bryceson

Director / Senior Physiotherapist

Chris graduated from La Trobe University with a double degree in Health Sciences and a Master of Physiotherapy Practice. Chris has a passion for musculoskeletal injuries, dysfunction and rehabilitation, which has led him to pursue a career in private practice, and ultimately establish CB Physiotherapy in 2015.

As well as being a physiotherapist, Chris is also an ASCA accredited Level 1 Strength & Conditioning coach, and has worked closely with elite athletes, powerlifters, weekend warriors and everyone in between. He also has several years experience in Clinical Pilates, and values the importance of exercise-based rehabilitation in fostering optimal long-term physical health. Chris prides himself on staying up to date with the latest evidence and research, in order to continually develop his skills and knowledge to pass on to his clients.


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