CB Physiotherapy offers FREE injury prevention & rehabilitation workshops to gyms & personal training studios around Melbourne.

Our workshops cover:

  • The most effective, evidence-based injury prevention strategies for a broad range of physical health disorders.
  • Resistance training, load management, stretching/self-myofascial release, manual therapy, warm-ups & recovery strategies.
  • The most common myths and misconceptions in the industry, and the real truth behind them.

We love educating the public about what we are passionate about and what we do best.

Head to our social media platforms for details about upcoming workshops, or email if your gym is interested in hosting a workshop.

“INJURY PREVENTION & REHAB FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS” is a self-paced online course for PTs looking to take their practice to the next level. This course is a first-class professional development opportunity, presenting evidence-based injury prevention & management strategies to PTs to help raise industry standards and the quality of wholistic healthcare.

Students will use the knowledge gained in this course to better manage and guide their clients through pain, minimise injury risk and improve the standard of their coaching – ultimately achieving better client retention and satisfaction!

This course is presented by a special bunch of instructors who have been hand selected to provide you with the best learning experience possible. We are proud and excited to have AFL Physiotherapist Brenton Egglestone, Industry leading PT Samuel Schepis, Women’s Health Physiotherapist Fiona Grouber and PT/Mindfulness Coach Pat Chirico on board as your teachers.

The course is made up of over 19 hours of video content, handouts, references and assessment, including 22 learning modules and a  categorised rehab library (and is pending CEC approval).

You can access the course and find out more info here: